Well guided – innovative service concept

Boarding information at 64 x 30.000 pixels

Rush hour at the train station: Where will the train stop? Where can I find an empty seat? Where can I board with my bike?
Goal of this implemented idea was to make the entry situation for the passengers easier. Therefor a 180 meter LED-Display has been located right above the platform. It provides information about the incoming train. The Screeninformation moves parallel to the train and shows exactly were an empty seat can be found, where class 1 or 2 are located, where one can entry the train easily by wheelchair.
It improves the transfer process: from communicating platforms to mobile travel assistants to new communication concepts preparing passengers for incoming trains.
So far this Project (from ProRail – together with NS Dutch Railways) is being installed only at the Amsterdam Station „Hertogenbosch“.
However, everybody who uses the train frequently would love this simple solution.



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