New developments in 3D-printing

We all know 3D-printers. We use them every day for rapid prototyping of our design concepts every day. But this technology develops quite fast and so there many more things you could do with a 3D-printer. From printing food to printing human organs – nearly everything seems to be possible today or at least in the near future.

Here some examples:

Printed cookies


(picture source: Screengrab YouTube)

The Sugar Lab in Los Angeles uses sugar to create 3D printed cake-toppers. And at the Cornell University, researchers are experimenting with creating shaped candies and 3D-printed cakes.


Printed fashion


(picture source: Continuum)

The world’s first ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. Sold by Continuum Fashion, the bikini is made of 3D-printed circular plates of nylon connected by thin springs.


Printed human tissue


(picture source: Biofabrication 5)

The development is still in a very early stage, but scientists have developed a 3D-printer for stem cells.

The device works by creating uniform droplets of living embryonic stem cells, which are the cells present in early development that are capable of differentiating into any type of tissue. The printer is so gentle that it can squirt out as few as five cells at a time without damaging them. Researchers can use the dabs of cells to rapidly test drugs or to build miniature scraps of tissue. The eventual goal is to grow whole organs from scratch.

You can find more amazing news about 3D-printing technology here:


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