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Tim Cannon

Now the last couple of weeks the story of Tim Cannon has been floating around the internet. Tim has implanted what he calls a non medical device into his arm, that essentially gives him biofeedback. But this is not part of the quantified self fitness movement, and npot only because Tim and his team have developed the hardware themselves, which sort of explains the current size.

It hard to describe what I think about all of this. I think it’s fascinating in a certain way and I can totally see a future in which body-enhacing modification techniques and parts not only have a huge impact on the lives of individuals but also have become a big business model. I just don’t see Tim Cannon and Grindhouse Wetware as a part of this future though he might be remembered as one of the more prominent figures who started it off. But see for yourself

[youtube clIiP1H3Opw]

…and when you think you’ve seen it all watch fantastic Juan Enriquez depicting an equally scary as amazing future.

[youtube UWuTmdEEy68]

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