IBA 2013 in Hamburg

Do a weekend trip to derive inspiration from IBA 2013 in Hamburg!

From 23rd March until 3 November 2013, IBA Hamburg invites you to personally explore the 60 IBA projects and the 7-year IBA process in tours, events, congresses and exhibitions spread all over Hamburg.

Lead themes are:

New opportunities for the city
How can an increasingly urban society release its powers? Deve-loping its key theme COSMOPOLIS, IBA Hamburg demonstrates what the future of cooperation in the metropolis might look like

New spaces for the city
What urban development oppor-tunities are hidden in the border and transitional parts of the metropolis? IBA Hamburg‘s METROZONE projects demonstrate how inner peripheries can be transformed into neighbourhoods worth living in.

How can growth and sustainability be combined? In the context of the key theme CITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE, IBA will answer the big question about a climate-compatible future for the metropolis


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