Do Not Touch

It’s hard to rock out with a mouse. Or at least it used to be, before Do Not Touch, an interactive music video for the song Kilo by Light Light.

When you load the site, you’re greeted by thousands of cursors. What are they doing? Well it ends up that the site records the position of your cursor through the song. So these are the ghosts of those who’ve gone before you who will serve as your companions on your journey through the song.

You would think the gimmick would get old after 10 seconds, but it doesn’t, thanks to evolving challenges. The video becomes a game asking you to do everything from follow a maze of green tracks to forming the mass cursor-silhouette of a boxer. And all the while, you get to see the exact paths that the hivemind took–along with all of the obvious, sharp deviations that those of us who consider ourselves independent thinkers insist upon taking.

(Just wait until you reach the stage “do not touch the model.”)


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