Intelligent contact lenses

Different companies are working on the development of „intelligent contact lenses“ that will be able to support us with varous functions in the near future.
One of these companies is ST-Microelectronics, who has already developed a wireless MEMS-sensor call „Sensimed Triggerfish“ that is capable of constantly measuring the intraocular pressure. This precisely long-term measuring enables the doctor to detect a too high intraocular pressure earlier and set up a much more accuarate therapy.

Source: ST-Microelectronics

Source: ST-Microelectronics

Another company, who thinks of intelligent contact lenses as an appropiate technology is Google. Google works on a contact lens that is capable to function as a monitor, projecting pictures directly to your eye. This project seems to be the next step in  the distant future development of the already existing Google Glass project.

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