New trend: Immateriality

There are loads and loads of cool and interesting materials outside. But hitherto the perception of a metrial was determined by it`s visual substantial appearance.
This now seems slowly to change as there are increasing numbers of different approaches towards making materials invisble.
And it is not only Harry Potters invisbility cloak which was inspiration…

Since 2009 there is an increasing number of design and concepts targeting the topic of immateriality.

Maybe as an antagonism to the material overload of these days?
Or a result of the dimishing living space in growing cities?

in any case – worth to keep an eye on!



Movie: Invisible textile

Fade-out Chair / Nendo 2009

Fade-out Chair / Nendo 2009


Slim Chair / Davide Conti 2010

Slim Chair / Davide Conti 2010


Transparent Frames / Nendo 2011

Transparent Frames / Nendo 2011


Movie: The invisible Iphone

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