Last week, Microsoft previewed the next version of its operating system, codenamed Windows 8. It is optimized for touchscreens from small tablets to big surfaces, but can be controlled using your mouse and keyboard on your desktop PC as well.

The  interface is based on the so-called Metro Design Language, which is currently being used on Windows Phone 7. A grid of tiles will replace the start menu. Each tile contains informations about the program or app behind it, e.g. weather information, new e-mails and news – the user can directly see the main contents without needing to launch the app. Web-techniques as HTML5 and JS play a prominent role here.

Anyway, you will still be able to use your software optimized for mouse & keyboard, switching to a second surface behind that start menu which is very similar to the Windows 7 you’re used to. Let’s stay tuned to that rather vanguard concept.

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