The pawnbroker´s shop of the next century

No matter how stylish or cutting edge your new electronic device might be, one day it´ll be broken, out of fashion or simply is missing that one and only killer feature everyone is currently using. Pretty soon it´ll end up in the trash or goes on pension in the basement drawer forever. To get something back from the financial investment you did years ago, a company named ecoATM is currently establishing machines that identify your product and its condition on its own. By placing it into the machine it visually scans it, provides the respective cable for the means of connecting it to measure its intestines. Based on the model and condition and after verifying your personal data the machine then pays out the amount of money accordingly and stores it until handing it over to the recycling process from which ecoATM is getting their funds from. Pawnbrokers get ready for a serious competitor…

[youtube jxn7nxy44rk]

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