developments in the mobile-phone market

windows mobile 7  coming, new nokia n8 coming, 4.3 inch-screens coming, loads of pads and tabs coming – the mobile phone marktet seems to be changing faster than ever. researchers at have made some interesting grafics to visualize the latest changes in the industry. off course some facts are quite what you’d expect – like apple being the highflier – but its interesting to see this supported by grafics that are based on actual market data. another grafic has been posted ar and illustrates the lawsuits and patent-issues in the mobile-industry … nokia seems to sew everyone! wait a second… aren’t they the ones who lost most of their market?!?screen-shot-2010-10-05-at-10-5-7_58_32-pm11screen-shot-2010-10-05-at-10-5-10_04_22-pm1500x_mobilesuits

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