Light Pool by IIDA/KDDI

Mobile light & sound installation
Mobile light & sound installation

LIGHT POOL is a cooperation between KDDI and two young creative minds with world wide reputation.

LIGHT POOL possesses a unique form never before seen in a mobile phone, which
is composed of a truss-like structure and surfaces.
Its highly beveled silhouette is designed so as to fit comfortably in
anyone’s hand.

The 22 LEDs arranged along the triangular windows that cover the surface of
the phone blend with the rhythm of music to create a gorgeous scene.
LIGHT POOL comes preset with 10 kinds of light
and sounds based on a variety of themes.

60 different patterns of light sketch a kaleidoscope of colors the moment you
receive a phone call or open and close the phone, as well as flashing on the
hour to let you know the time.

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