Interactive 2D controls on WPF 3D Surfaces

Hier ein sehr interessanter Film, der zeigt, was man mit WPF und 3D machen kann. Man benötigt für den Film das Silverlight-Plugin.

One of the really cool features of WPF is being able to take any 2D user interface and easily place it on a 3D surface. The most common request after doing this is then having the ability to interact with this 2D content on the 3D object.

V1 of WPF doesn’t have this feature built in, but with some extra code, this feature can be built on top of the product. In this video, WPF 3D developers Kurt Berglund and Daniel Lehenbauer show a demo application that makes use of the Flickr API to build a rich 3D photo application with 2D on 3D content. Of course, they also give a live coding example of how to incorporate 2D on 3D in to your own apps, and describe how it all works behind the scenes.

All of the code to do everything you see in this video yourself is available today at the 3DTools Codeplex site
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