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Movies: messaging and surfing

24. November 2015 - 13:09 Uhr

The representation of text message and webpages in movies can go across two different ways: on one side there is the need of not interrupting the scene and, on the other hand the need to show the text or the action, Considered as to important information That Must Be Displayed for understanding the movie.


From Person of Interest, s1e2

Based On These two needs we can see in the video different examples did can have a different perception of the content in the movie.

Which are the best solution? Is it good to create unrealistic interface on the phones, thatthey just display the text? or it is better to create a solution where the text is integrated in the scene?

In this video this topic is Described with Possible Solutions and examples.



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iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4: a closer look at the future of tablets

20. November 2015 - 10:26 Uhr

Are tablets going to replace computers? If so, how soon? Is it already possible to use a tablet as a professional designer, or is it still too rigid in terms of software functionality? What about sketching – does it feel as natural as using a pen?
Here are the answers and the review of two latest leaders on the market: Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro.


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‚Stainless‘ by Adam Magyar

5. November 2015 - 12:03 Uhr

Super slow-motion footage of people waiting for the subway, shot out of the subway as rolling in the station. Very dense, almost creepy videos as the human statues standing there in Tokyo, Berlin and New York with completely expressionless faces which fits to the depressive soundtrack. The video series are titeled „stainless“ and made by Adam Magyar.


„An endless row of living sculptures brought together by the same subway line, the same direction, the same intention of taking the train to get caught and carried away by the urban flow. All their motions slowed down, they are graceful and stainless, holding their breath waiting for their train to pull into the station.“ (Adam Magyar)


New York

He also shoots some very nice high resolution photos, and not only subways, check his website.

Article on petapixel

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