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21. März 2013 - 16:32 Uhr

On february 22nd till 24th the North Atlantic Handmade Bicycle Show took part in Denver, Colorado. Being one of the most inspiring bike fairs, it is much more closer to the trend and the real cyclist than the commercial fairs serving their own needs and a stereotypic rider that doesn’t exist.

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Summary: Cyclocrossers are coming back straight from over 110 years ago. And they are still fast. Beside the 29er trend and the fat-bikes as well the re-growing popularity of CX-bikes started several years ago and is still unstoppable. Being first recognized as a small niche of mainly singlespeed Monster-Crossers out there, the re-reborn CXs are combining Monster-Crossers with a versatile and durable do-it-all-every-day-ride.

Internal gear hubs are used to keep it clean and looking like a singlespeed. Drop bars? Of course. Disc-brakes are the coming standard on crossers (some street-, commuter and travel-bikes have them too).

So the pic above is what we’ve get used to see the next years as the new growing type of bike, the new-age Cyclocrossers, hopefully making the faceless industry-driven 29er obsolete.

Multi-purpose do everything, everyday. Big tires, therefore no suspension, internal gears, disc-brakes, drop-bar. Looking awesome, rides like a dream, faster pussycat, kill kill!

Find tons of pics and comments on following sites:

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… coming soon!

8. März 2013 - 08:53 Uhr

coming soon

preparations for the opening of materialaffairs china.


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