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from bottles to fleece / upcycling

31. Oktober 2012 - 18:40 Uhr

[youtube bC5dXxlDvW8]

The Polartec fleece material in the new norrona /29 warm4 upcycled Jacket is made from approximately 40 recycled PET-bottles, returned through the Norwegian deposit system for used cans and bottles. They are finally able to make a fleece jacket from 100% recycled material, without any reduction in quality compared to fleece material made from virgin fibers. This way they’re saving both raw materials and energy, transportation included.

The video shows the process of upcycling in a playful yet rememberable way.

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24. Oktober 2012 - 17:21 Uhr

After you digitalized almost your entire life, you can now go back the other way around.

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Round peg, round hole

19. Oktober 2012 - 09:44 Uhr

Although our globalized world has stamped out many of the joys of finding new things in new countries, sometimes you can still be caught off-guard by something very simple.

During a recent holiday in Sweden, I came to know the local ‘Knäckebröd’ crisp bread and on a visit to a friend’s house in Stockholm I was delighted to discover that this beautiful round shaped wooden container was, like a Japanese bento box, perfectly shaped to house a few-week’s supply of this dietary staple.





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Nike Flyknit

12. Oktober 2012 - 08:58 Uhr

Lighter. Faster. Formfitting.

The computer-controlled weaving technology, which knits the entire upper part of the shoe in a single piece that’s then attached to the sole, promises to cut labor costs and production time while also increasing profit margins and opportunities for personalization.The designers soon decided that to create a shoe that replicates a sock, they had to mimic how a sock is made. Nike hired a team of computer programmers and engineers to take a machine used to knit sweaters and socks and reengineer it to weave the upper part of a sneaker. Spools of colored polyester yarn are fed into the 15-foot-long machine, which weaves together the top of the shoe and creates a “second skin” with tiny synthetic cables.

The Flyknit process also fits into Nike’s sustainability push because the amount of material wasted manufacturing each pair weighs only as much as a sheet of paper.

[youtube JUdNeFh2SDo]

[youtube zUpal6TyS5E]

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Paris Motor Show 2012

11. Oktober 2012 - 16:35 Uhr

The 2012 Paris Motor Show is open from September 29 to October 14. There are less releases and concepts cars than previous years, but some of the most important cars of the market are being presented: VW Golf, Renault Clio, Ford Mondeo… However, in this entry we are going to analyze some aspects of two concept cars of the Show: the Audi Crosslane-Coupe and the Peugeot Onyx family.

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