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31. Juli 2012 - 09:44 Uhr

For the past 15 years, animator and designer Ryan Woodward has created visual magic for just about every major Hollywood studio, for example by storyboarding Spiderman 3 and Where The Wild Things Are.
Here’s one of his very beautiful personal projects:

[youtube qw32Z4qvtOE]

[youtube OzmCBDJ-jkY]

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Handcrafted African Bamboo Road Bikes

27. Juli 2012 - 11:57 Uhr

Handcrafted african bamboo road bikes from german bicycle manufacturer Zuri


The selection of a slow growing bamboo species results in high density and surface hardness, maintaining the ability to become fully water impermeable, waterproof and imperishable against chemicals and fire.


The tensile strength and fracture stability of bamboo partially exceeds that of common construction steel – while having a superior load capacity-to-weight ratio.


The material has an extremely flexible and cross aligned fiber structure similar to carbon that ultimately prevents an immediate failure of a tube.


Article on designboom

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Infinity Loop Bridge

27. Juli 2012 - 11:42 Uhr

1st prize in international design competition, Shizimen business district in Zhuhai, China


The feature bridge is the gateway entry to south China’s new planned commercial hub and also marks the connection of the Shizimen Canal to the Pearl River Delta.





Design Team – 10 DESIGN

Design Partners:
Gordon Affleck & AdrianBoot

David Emmer, Colin Ashton, Adrian Boot,
Carlo Maria Ciampoli, Frisly Collop, Phil Gray,
Magic Kwan, Mike Kwok, Jon Martin & Rob Rodriguez

Design Team – Buro Happold

Kien Hoang , Hayden Nuttall

Article on behance

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Craftsmanship and Materials „Festival des Métiers“ by Hermès

23. Juli 2012 - 09:07 Uhr

Last week in Munich, for 5 days only, the French Fashion House Hermès exhibited it’s „behind the scenes“ in the Haus der Kunst.

The exhibition

The exhibition

Fashionistas, material lovers, crafts appreciators and design students gathered around the various stands where the professional craftsmen and craftswomen presented their special processes. All explained in French and simultaneously translated to German.

Hermès, the French high fashion house, was established in 1837. Today, it is specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and ready-to-wear. Exhibited were, amongst others, ceramic decals painters, glove makers, saddle makers, watch makers, silk printers…..
Silk technology - "wounding" the fiber

for more information

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Hardest Flash Game ever!

18. Juli 2012 - 15:48 Uhr


Seems to be about 2 years old but I’ve never seen it before and I love it! Wired says the page has been visited more than 30 million times! It’s said to be the hardest flash game in the world, if you make it further than 10 meters in the first 30 mins of practicing I’ll buy you a drink – promise! It’s so damn hard:

Of course somebody did a cosplay, hysterical:

[youtube Z1TM90jWXKM]

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14. Juli 2012 - 13:56 Uhr

nothing brand new, but still helpful & inspirational:


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Noisy Jelly

5. Juli 2012 - 11:32 Uhr

Noisy jelly is a game where the player has to cook and shape his own musical material, based on colored jelly. With this noisy chemistry lab, the gamer will create his own jelly with water and a few grams of agar agar powder. After added different color, the mix is then pour in the molds. 10 min later, the jelly shape can then be placed on the game board, and by touching the shape, the gamer will activate different sounds.


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