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Do it with the cursor!

26. Juni 2012 - 13:55 Uhr is a complete disaster in terms of consistency. alltough they make it more then up with innovative navigation concepts, that really get out of the way and let the content shine.

beware, there will be music.

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21. Juni 2012 - 18:49 Uhr

Besides Immersions TouchSense, the HapticTouch prototype by designaffairs and Audi, there are several solutions that enable touch-sensitive surfaces to give haptic feedback. Another promising approach is made by tactus. Their solution uses microfluidic technology to make physical buttons rise and recede on a surface. It will be interesting how they will overcome the limitation of only using pre-defined button patterns, or the “Click” feeling and sound that some of us do not want to miss.



[youtube bwbO2JvW6lE]

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Microsoft Surface

19. Juni 2012 - 09:46 Uhr

The new Microsoft Surface tablet – I think Microsoft observed what are the main drawbacks of the iPad :) Some really smart ideas and a cool presentation video!

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Rekindle the excitement

14. Juni 2012 - 10:24 Uhr


A new, astonishing transportation concept is gyrating its way on the market: C1 combines the amenities of a car with those of a motorcycle by using a technic from second to last century: The gyroscope!

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