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rapid home construction

31. Mai 2012 - 16:08 Uhr

The technology of rapid prototyping and 3D-printing already revolutionized the way of design model making and also opened up a cost-efficient way to manufacture products with small lot-sizes. Some years ago Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California in San Diego experimented with a new process he had invented called Contour Crafting to construct the world’s first 3D printed wall. This idea could totally change the building and construction industry in the future by „printing“ houses from composite concrete. Please watch the video to see how this innovative construction process looks like:

[youtube -yv-IWdSdns]

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„Symbol Audio“ by Blake Tovin Furniture Design

30. Mai 2012 - 17:04 Uhr

New line of furniture designers & audiophiles Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond of Tovin Design Limited: Symbol Audio with three really beautiful products in the line.

– The Tabletop HIFI ($1,800), a luxe set of subwoofers that can plug into everything from your iPhone to your record player


– The LP Storage Cabinet ($2,750 – $5,250) which has two CD/DVD drawers and four pull-down storage bins that can hold up to 640 LPs


– The Modern Record Console (MRC, $15,000) that merge analog sound with a modern wireless system





Article on Core77

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The Dutch go Mini

29. Mai 2012 - 05:01 Uhr

the Amsterdam based designers
Milan 2012, showed retro orgies, glorifications of Modernism, imitations and re-editions that tend to have a knack of getting on one’s nerves – however, in recent years the design world’s obsession with its own past has been more intense than ever.
The installation in the inner courtyard of the University of Milan, realized by Amsterdam designer duo Scholten & Baijings for automotive marque Mini, seemed to implement these ideas on a larger scale, and yet constituted a return to the essence of the car as a product as well as a simultaneous look to its future.

material samples

material samples





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Levitating interaction device

21. Mai 2012 - 11:30 Uhr

A(nother) cool project from MIT guys, the ZeroN.

It transforms a regular object into a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation. The system relies on powerful moving magnets that allow the sphere to move „freely“ in a 3D Space, record and reproduce users’ inputs or interact with other elements.

[media id=13 width=460 height=320]

Source:  LabCAST

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Layla Monteiro – Branding

16. Mai 2012 - 17:20 Uhr

Layla Monteiro branding work from brazilian based design studio BR/BAUEN











Layla Monteiro branding & web design at behance
Layla Monteiro branding & web design at Vimeo

Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
Web Development: Quyk Mendonça
Model Photography: Pedro Prestes
Makeup: Evando Filhos

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User experience without interface

10. Mai 2012 - 11:34 Uhr

When I came to Munich I got to know the automatic escalators at the subway stations, which can go in both directions. They are a good example of machines which do not require the active participation of humans to do their job, even though humans are an integral part in what they are doing. To find out more, read the whole article.

Subway escalator in Munich

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Magnetic Universe in your hands

10. Mai 2012 - 10:57 Uhr

Magnetic Universe
The NeoCube is composed of 216 individual high-energy sphere magnets, which can be formed into BILLIONS of shapes and patterns. It is highly addictive!

[youtube gidumziw4JE]

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Money doesn’t grow on trees but Plastic….

10. Mai 2012 - 09:34 Uhr

Massachusetts-based Metabolix Inc. has created a variety of switchgrass that produces plastic in their leaf tissues.
Metabolix recently completed greenhouse trials showing that not only they can produce plastic out of plants,
but they can also use the biomass remains to produce biofuels.

Produced by Aspasia Daskalopoulou of Boston University’s Center for Science and Medical Journalism.

[youtube Wc1WvVDEqNI]

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Shit Interaction Designers Say…

7. Mai 2012 - 11:35 Uhr

!!! Nerd Alarm !!! at the Interaction 12 in Dublin

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Augmented Reality Sandbox

7. Mai 2012 - 08:36 Uhr

Video of a sandbox equipped with a Kinect 3D camera and a projector to project a real-time colored topographic map with contour lines onto the sand surface. The sandbox lets virtual water flow over the surface using a GPU-based simulation of the Saint-Venant set of shallow water equations.

Another Video

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