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Moses Bridge

18. April 2012 - 15:41 Uhr

Still a bridge – or the other way round :-) Perfect idea for a moat!




Netherlands-based architecture firm RO&AD, Finalist Durch Design Awards 2011.

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12. April 2012 - 17:42 Uhr

Complex motion detection algorithms and accurately calibrated projections create an interactive space around and on the dancers which is influenced by their choreography.

[youtube -wVq41Bi2yE]

The system perceives properties such as position, outline, motion direction and speed of its operators and creates interactive projections either directly onto the artists or a large projection surface in the background.

This art project was created by Klaus Obermeier in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and first performed in 2005.

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For all divers who like to discover a different kind of underwater world

12. April 2012 - 15:42 Uhr

Have a look at the outrages artwork of Jason de Caires Taylor, who creates underwater installations that slowly turn into artificial reefs.


Jason de Caires Taylor

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User Experience – Has the Pope heard of it?

4. April 2012 - 21:21 Uhr

I don’t know if Pope Benedict XVI has heard of User Experience – but there is a guy who thinks he should have. As should all the other leaders of religions. Because user experience thinking works for everything!

User Centered Design for Religious Leaders

There is a guy who has investigated this matter. He is called Diego Mendes, a former Master student of Human Factors at Bentley University in the US. He has conducted an ethnographic study called „User Centered Design for Religious Leaders“. It’s an entertaining and also thoughful read. Maybe something for your Easter break.

Happy Easter to you !


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Protect yourself, the User Centered Way

4. April 2012 - 16:26 Uhr

While Informationtechnology becomes more and more user friendly, there has been one thing, right from the begining which is still haunting users everywhere – Remembering all your passwords for all the sites you have ever logged in.
I have a few myself, and then different versions of them to fit different website requirements which always results in 10 minutes of trying them before pressing the “forgot the password” button and then most of the time having to set up a new one.
Let´s look at the problem. We have personal information which should stay personal, so we need to secure the access. The way to do it, is to create a password which is very hard for a hacker to decode but also somehow possible for us to remember.
That´s the point where things go wrong. Because we think that what is hard enough to guess for us, a random sequence, but still so long that we can remember, and still fullfillling the internet-given security laws, we nowadays use short password that everybody forgets and aren´t secure at all.
Nicely explained in the comic from below, you see it illustrated. And as well a solution, which takes in account the security problem as well as an User Centered Approach to it.
These little, meaningful changes are, what makes User Centered Design in this Information Technology Age so interesting. Knowing what is needed and how it will affect the user experience is key in our work and in this delicate systems, every part, as small as it might seem, can make the difference.

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Mind Scalextrics

2. April 2012 - 12:40 Uhr

This experiment is quite interesting, because it combines a lot of innovative technologies in one project. For example concentration will be tracked from your head, processed with processing and then the data is sent to arduino to control the speed of a scalextric car. The more the user focus, the quicker the car goes.

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