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Quality Check: Apple’s Dashboard Calculator

29. März 2012 - 12:19 Uhr

Last month I was sitting in front of my iMac doing nice stuff (i think it was 2 am) and I had to calculate a lot by using apple’s standard calculator.

But then, staring all the time at this creepy orange thing, I realized that there is something wrong with it.

Apple's Mac OS X calculator mistakes.

Apple’s Mac OS X calculator mistakes.

I did a screenshot, zoomed in and started analyzing the Design. 10 minutes later i was shocked. Apple, a company known for extraordinary quality checks and carefully designed Hardware and Software missed checking their calculator design.

In fact there are a lot of mistakes. First I cannot understand why they not use one general calculator style. Maybe the one which is used in millions of iPhones, iPads or iPods? Just in case of consistency?

Which one is common?

Which one is common?

Then next, there is a lot of unclean work concerning pixels and the grid itself. Some symbols that are not centered, wrong reflections, random use of colors and differences in button styles. I think, too many mistakes for this small 156×235 px area.


All in all a normal User won’t see this but the sloppy work almost exists and maybe still happens. I’ll check more soon.

So for the first time I hope that there is NO one more thing :)

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23. März 2012 - 10:24 Uhr

Bike season is coming and it’s time to get your gears on!

When I first visited Davos GutenBiken shop it was by the recommendation of a friend, so I want to keep it this way and recommend: Todays post is for anyone who loves summer and riding their bikes.
Davos Bike Shop GutenBiken is located in the heart of Munich. It’s a small unique bike-shop nested in the basement of an old house in the Herrnstrasse 28 close to the Isar Tor. They are specialized in custom bike building or the custom restoration of your current bike and offer great service at super fair rates.
As the trend to vintage racing bicycles doesn’t seem to cease this might just be the perfect stop for you to prepare for summer.
Besides awesome bikes they also do a great barbeque -so keep on the lookout for that!


Guten Bike BBQ 2011 + Tom with his bike!

Tom, the happiest customer EVAR!

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Logo im Wechsel

16. März 2012 - 09:55 Uhr

Das Logo von Visual Editions verändert sich auf deren Website permanent ( Visual Editions ist ein Londoner Verlag. Die Buchstaben des Logos werden der Reihe nach jeweils für einen Augenblick durch ein entsprechendes Zeichen aus dem Dingbatsset ersetzt. Hierfür wurde ein eigener Dingbatsfont erstellt, der das Erscheinungsbild prägt.





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15. März 2012 - 15:35 Uhr

This is a nice way to present real objects and enrich them with digital information and animations. The technology is not new but is constantly improved by Realfiction. DreamocXL 2 is their current flagship. But since new 3D displays are experiencing a boost in innovation it is questionable if this technology will be able to compete with stereoscopic displays that won´t need 3D eyewear anymore.

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Eco Derived

8. März 2012 - 19:44 Uhr

Curran. The new carbon fiber

2 Scottish scientists have developed a method to convert vegetables into an advanced, durable material. The first product for sale is a fly- fishing rod. The fishing rod is about 50% carrot, that equals about 2 kilo of carrots. The remaining material is a carbon fiber. The idea is not to take vegetables that are meant for eating, but all the kilos of vegetables that are rejected having imperfections. Their goal is to produce products that are 100% biological matter. Using carrots, turnips, swedes and parsnips leaves a smaller eco-footprint then methods using glass and carbon fibers.


Raw Color 1

A visual research about vegetables and their powerful color. Vegetables are dismantled and purified to their visual essence ‚RAW COLOR‘. The harvested color is captured by a new process preserving their intensity on color cards. Categorized by shades and families a new map is created which shows their beautiful diversity. This projects reinterprets the vegetable and puts it into new context.




Yannic Alidarso at Design Academy Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2011

All dyes where pure made from natural ingredients, found in the close environement from the Liriodendron tulipifera tree.



In order to increase the consumer awareness of the origins of furniture, Yannic Alidarso has designed a bare elm wood cabinet that can be decorated using natural pigments that people collect themselves. Entitled The Synergy of Colour, the cabinet requires its owners to gather organic material and grind it into a fine pulp that can be mixed with transparent paint in his specially designed Colour Extractor machine. This pigment is then fed into a flexible tube connected to a needle embedded in the soft wood of the wardrobe. Slowly, the natural pigment seeps into the wood, returning part of the forest to the tree.

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iPad 3 – Concept Video

5. März 2012 - 14:35 Uhr

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Kinetic Wave Sculpture

2. März 2012 - 10:32 Uhr

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