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Swedish Furniture Name Generator

17. Juni 2011 - 13:49 Uhr

Strolling along the endless paths at IKEA, one must wonder
how do they come up with those creative product names…..
or, when will they actually run out of them?
The amazing tool offered by Blogadilla offers an answer to this mystery

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Leviathan by Anish Kapoor

17. Juni 2011 - 13:00 Uhr

Anish Kappor was invited for the fourth Monumenta to create a sculpture at the Grand Palais in Paris. His creation, called Leviathan, is a 35 meter inflated sculpture occupying 13,500 square meters, all made of PVC.
The PVC alone weighs 18 tonnes and Kapoor and his team have spent a whole week inflating it, while there was no trial run. „We had one shot,“ he said. „Doing a project like this is about taking a risk, and no wrinkles were allowed.“

Leviathan occupying the space at the Grand Palais

The work is also pan-European: The initial computer work was done in England and then the PVC was cut in Germany, assembled in Italy and set up by a Czech crew in Paris. The company behind the material is one of the leading French companies in the composite textiles industry, Serge Ferrari.


The colour of the textile was of great importance, greater than the geometry.
For “Leviathan”, Serge Ferrari teams were mobilized to take up the real chromatic challenge created by the artist: producing a high density organic red, while maintaining the translucent qualities of Précontraint® textile.
The Précontraint® textile is a High-performance composite membrane for architecture. Its structural characteristics are complemented by highly effective resistance to dirt and aging resulting from PVDF based surface treatments. Lightweight and durable, these membranes are also 100% recyclable!
Photos credit >> designboom

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Pedigree Doggelgänger

16. Juni 2011 - 16:54 Uhr

Pedigree New Zealand recently launched a so-called „human to canine paring software“. This online tool uses serious anti-terrorism face recognition technology to analyze people’s faces and find their canine match. After scanning your face with a webcam, the tool suggests a dog in a real database which fits your appearance. A perfect way to find new owners for dogs waiting in animal shelters.


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10. Juni 2011 - 10:25 Uhr

Last week, Microsoft previewed the next version of its operating system, codenamed Windows 8. It is optimized for touchscreens from small tablets to big surfaces, but can be controlled using your mouse and keyboard on your desktop PC as well.

The  interface is based on the so-called Metro Design Language, which is currently being used on Windows Phone 7. A grid of tiles will replace the start menu. Each tile contains informations about the program or app behind it, e.g. weather information, new e-mails and news – the user can directly see the main contents without needing to launch the app. Web-techniques as HTML5 and JS play a prominent role here.

Anyway, you will still be able to use your software optimized for mouse & keyboard, switching to a second surface behind that start menu which is very similar to the Windows 7 you’re used to. Let’s stay tuned to that rather vanguard concept.

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New Look for Current

3. Juni 2011 - 11:49 Uhr


Current TV is a television and online network that engages viewers with smart, provocative and timely programming. Founded in 2005 by former US Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, it represented a revolutionary model of programming, partly featuring short user-generated “pods”. As current puts it: „Current combines the best of TV and social media to create a fully integrated TV and online network.“

Now Current lets its flag fly. The new identity has been designed by Wolff Olins with motion assistance by Ghava, the on-air look is by loyalkaspar, and web design by Code and Theory. It is replacing the six year old pixelated logo (which meanwhile looked somewhat outdated) that had originally been designed by Meta Design and Peter Saville.

The new logo is a bold statement: Current is going in a new direction, aiming at establishing a new reputation. They stand for a very own style of journalism and they are proud of it – that is what they signal with their flag.

In many countries Current is available cable and satellite TV, in Germany Current can only be watched online.



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