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STROKE urban art fair 2011 / may 26 – 29

27. Mai 2011 - 10:24 Uhr

although not as inspiring as last year (maybe because of the new location at the ZENITH in the northern part of munich), STROKE still is a very interesting fair on urban art, demonstrating how young art evolves beyond  traditional conventions.

urban art

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The pawnbroker´s shop of the next century

20. Mai 2011 - 00:17 Uhr

No matter how stylish or cutting edge your new electronic device might be, one day it´ll be broken, out of fashion or simply is missing that one and only killer feature everyone is currently using. Pretty soon it´ll end up in the trash or goes on pension in the basement drawer forever. To get something back from the financial investment you did years ago, a company named ecoATM is currently establishing machines that identify your product and its condition on its own. By placing it into the machine it visually scans it, provides the respective cable for the means of connecting it to measure its intestines. Based on the model and condition and after verifying your personal data the machine then pays out the amount of money accordingly and stores it until handing it over to the recycling process from which ecoATM is getting their funds from. Pawnbrokers get ready for a serious competitor…

[youtube jxn7nxy44rk]

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Will twitter, facebook or Google save your life one day?

19. Mai 2011 - 12:49 Uhr

After the earthquake in Japan earlier this year it’s definite: Social Media is no longer just a “nice-to-have” communication tool. It is in times of crisis a vital component of disaster management – especially in developed regions with high mobile and mobile web coverage.

In Japan doctors used twitter to tell people that new drug deliveries had arrived and where to get them from. By other twitter users re-tweeting the messages the information spread much faster than other ways of communication would.

In the immediate hours after the event millions of people in Japan were able to post that they are alive within hours on facebook, twitter or Myspace. This reduced demand on official disaster relief teams and enabled them to identify who was still missing. These efforts were extremely supported by Google’s People Finder website. Also very important was how easy it was to donate money. Donation services through mobile websites & apps enabled people all over the world to donate very quickly.

More about Social Media & crisis management: 

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12. Mai 2011 - 15:34 Uhr

material design by Mieke Meijer

Every day, piles of newspapers are discarded and recycled into new paper. Mieke Meijer has devised a solution to use this surplus of paper into a renewed material. When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree and therefore resembles the aesthetic of real wood. The material can be cut, milled and sanded and generally treated like any other type of wood. To construct the material a glue free of solvents and plastcizer is used.

In april 2011 the first prototypes have been presented in Milan of which a selection will be included in the Vij5 collection.


Vij5 NewspaperWood collection


Sample series NewspaperWood jewelry by rENs


United NewspaperWood stool
by Tessa Kuyvenhoven


From A to Z: NewspaperWood desk
by Greetje van Tiem

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Pavlov was right

5. Mai 2011 - 19:17 Uhr


the world is changing


please wait


„interruption“ by tim heiler, 2011

fourfiveX is an initiative for independent thoughts, products, design and art.
Founded by Alexander Lis and Tim Heiler in 2005.

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Twirling Batteries for Mobile Phones

5. Mai 2011 - 17:35 Uhr

Designers Song Teaho und Hyejin Leethe have developed a future study for portable power. Using the built-in ring, users can twirl the battery for a few minutes on their finger to recharge the battery enough to make a short call or a send a message. A creative alternative to recharge on the move, this is an interesting concept addressing the issue of ever growing mobility.


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self-heating-baby-bottles, designed by Karim Rashid

5. Mai 2011 - 17:35 Uhr

Designed by Karim Rashid (or people working for him, more likely), Iiamo Go is a self-heating baby bottle, which uses organic heating cartridges to provide body temperature milk on the go for babies.
“The process is very simple. Pour the mother’s milk, formula or milk powder in the bottle; insert the cartridge in the bottom of the bottle and then just push, wait a few minutes and serve the milk.”
An expensive alternative to putting the bottle under one’s own arm for the same amount of time…


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