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Impressions of Designers‘ Open 2009

26. Oktober 2009 - 10:42 Uhr

designers' open leipzig

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14. Oktober 2009 - 12:08 Uhr

mirror-of-emotions-teaser-rm-engPhilips and the Dialogues Incubator, an initiative by ABN AMRO, are pleased to announce the „Rationalizer‟ concept, an emotion sensing system targeted at serious home investors who trade online. It acts as an ‚emotion mirror‘ in which the intensity of the users feelings is reflected. Research shows that home investors do not act purely rationally: their behavior is influenced by emotions, most notably fear and greed, which can compromise their ability to take an objective, factual stance. This insight led to the Rationalizer concept in which online traders are alerted when it may be wise to take a time-out, wind down and re-consider their actions.

or watch the movie

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Microsoft Research shows off multitouch mouse prototypes

6. Oktober 2009 - 09:57 Uhr

Microsoft Research has just surfaced some of its incredibly wild multitouch mouse prototypes. Each one uses a different touch detection method, and at first glance all five seem to fly in the face of regular ergonomics.

They can be used within multitouch applications for Windows 7 or Microsoft Surface without having a multitouch display!

[media id=2 width=480 height=384]


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designaffairs STUDIO now online

5. Oktober 2009 - 10:26 Uhr


At designaffairs, advanced materials, progressive technologies, sociocultural tendencies, user insights and new ways of interaction are our daily inspiration. We transform this fact into exciting solutions for our clients in a unique, multidisciplinary approach. But we don´t stop here!

We know that users and clients are very open to try out new ideas and products. The market is craving for new ways of thinking. We at designaffairs STUDIO develop visions and exciting concepts for these daily life scenarios.The studio is formed by a team of professional designers who live to inspire, provoke and head to where no one has been before. We question anything conventional and challenge familiar surroundings with a smile. Our mission is to create a better place beyond expectations.

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