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Well guided – innovative service concept

30. Januar 2014 - 09:46 Uhr

Boarding information at 64 x 30.000 pixels

Rush hour at the train station: Where will the train stop? Where can I find an empty seat? Where can I board with my bike?
Goal of this implemented idea was to make the entry situation for the passengers easier. Therefor a 180 meter LED-Display has been located right above the platform. It provides information about the incoming train. The Screeninformation moves parallel to the train and shows exactly were an empty seat can be found, where class 1 or 2 are located, where one can entry the train easily by wheelchair.
It improves the transfer process: from communicating platforms to mobile travel assistants to new communication concepts preparing passengers for incoming trains.
So far this Project (from ProRail – together with NS Dutch Railways) is being installed only at the Amsterdam Station „Hertogenbosch“.
However, everybody who uses the train frequently would love this simple solution.



Further information:

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Niice. A search engine with taste.

24. April 2013 - 16:27 Uhr

Designers often need a pool of mood pictures for developing new ideas and getting inspiration. The most search engines provide a huge amount of image data, but in an unfiltered and unsystematic way.  Therefore the searching process is time-consuming, not very effective and can even disturb the inspiration process.

But fortunately there is a brilliant alternative: Niice.co .


Niice is a search engine, which only provides a filtered collection of high-quality mood pictures, arranged in an attractive grid layout. It has never been easier to get inspiration! Try it out!

Moritz Albert

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Sensory Sky by Dornbracht

18. April 2013 - 17:10 Uhr

Wouldn’t you want more advertisement around you if they were all as beautifully produced as this promotional movie?

Brand: Dornbracht

Product: Sensory sky

Brand Director: Mike Meiré

Sound by Nicolai von Sallwitz

[youtube pqxpMcFc7cQ]

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Microsoft Surface

19. Juni 2012 - 09:46 Uhr

The new Microsoft Surface tablet – I think Microsoft observed what are the main drawbacks of the iPad :) Some really smart ideas and a cool presentation video!

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Layla Monteiro – Branding

16. Mai 2012 - 17:20 Uhr

Layla Monteiro branding work from brazilian based design studio BR/BAUEN











Layla Monteiro branding & web design at behance
Layla Monteiro branding & web design at Vimeo

Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
Web Development: Quyk Mendonça
Model Photography: Pedro Prestes
Makeup: Evando Filhos

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Brand Identity for Harry Ted

18. April 2012 - 16:20 Uhr

Brand identity work from Paul Currah for Harry Ted, suppliers of 100% Mongolian Cashmere accessories. The identity should feel ultra luxurious, unique and be accessible to the trendy crowd.





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JC Dark Lager

18. April 2012 - 15:54 Uhr

Russia based Tomatdesign developed name, logo and packaging design for this limited, personalized edition of beer. Very nice minimalistic design, dark mood fitting to strong, dark beer and some „tangable“, realistic piece of rope as typo:





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Logo im Wechsel

16. März 2012 - 09:55 Uhr

Das Logo von Visual Editions verändert sich auf deren Website permanent (http://www.visual-editions.com). Visual Editions ist ein Londoner Verlag. Die Buchstaben des Logos werden der Reihe nach jeweils für einen Augenblick durch ein entsprechendes Zeichen aus dem Dingbatsset ersetzt. Hierfür wurde ein eigener Dingbatsfont erstellt, der das Erscheinungsbild prägt.





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A day made of glass

10. Februar 2012 - 17:09 Uhr

As a glass manufacturer Corning has his part in the development of new exciting technologies. Consequently they recently molded their own visions for the future into a video, that demonstrates what you can do with just as much as glass.

[media id=10 width=490 height=390]

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Minimalist Effects in the Maximalist Market

12. Januar 2012 - 15:20 Uhr

What is your choice in these 4 different variations?

1. Original variation
2. Simple variation
3. More simple variation
(4. No logo variation)





(Via Behance & A2591)

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