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LEGO footbridge

24. April 2013 - 10:51 Uhr

Inspired by one of the most known toys – or for others the basic module for testing the first architectural ideas in the living room – Michael Jantzen created a new way of footbridge experience.

It’s a little bit like gamification of the dull nature of bridges and reaching the next level while wandering.  But it is more: „…those who use the Footstep Bridge, experience a new way of crossing over a road, river, etc. as they move up and down through space and time to get to the other side.“



Michael Jantzen

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Back to the Future

10. Januar 2013 - 18:43 Uhr

56 Years old futuristic house concept and still some quite interesting ideas. It was designed by Marvin Goody and Richard Hamilton and constructed in the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.




[media id=15 width=480 height=360]

House of the Future (1957)

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Architecture for Dogs

20. November 2012 - 18:52 Uhr

Architecture for Dogs, invented by architects and designers, is an extremely sincere collection of architecture and a new medium, which make dogs and their people happy. Dogs are people’s partners, living right beside them, but they are also animals that humans, through crossbreeding, have created in multitudes of breeds. Reexamining these close partners with fresh eyes may be a chance to reexamine both human beings themselves and the natural environment.

I like the ironic aspect of some of the pieces. Unfortunately the german one really sucks … But I don’t want to mention any names.
And the homepage is worth a visit – very nice layout and videos!

Architecture for Dogs


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New Shapes for Solar Panels

7. September 2012 - 05:03 Uhr

Till recently, flat panels have been the dominant format In the history of solar-harvesting technologies. However, scientists and manufacturers are constantly exploring novel formats that will exhibit certain benefits over flat panels.


Barcelona-based Rawlemon has developed a technology called β.Torics that uses large, fluid-filled glass spheres to harness sunlight. The company claims that this technology can concentrate sunlight up to 10,000 times, increasing energy efficiency by 35% over conventional photovoltaic technologies. Although still in the prototype stage, β.Torics suggests new building-integration possibilities, such as bulbous curtain walls or bubble-shaped rooftop collection systems.


to Rawlemon’s website

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Infinity Loop Bridge

27. Juli 2012 - 11:42 Uhr

1st prize in international design competition, Shizimen business district in Zhuhai, China


The feature bridge is the gateway entry to south China’s new planned commercial hub and also marks the connection of the Shizimen Canal to the Pearl River Delta.





Design Team – 10 DESIGN

Design Partners:
Gordon Affleck & AdrianBoot

David Emmer, Colin Ashton, Adrian Boot,
Carlo Maria Ciampoli, Frisly Collop, Phil Gray,
Magic Kwan, Mike Kwok, Jon Martin & Rob Rodriguez

Design Team – Buro Happold

Kien Hoang , Hayden Nuttall

Article on behance

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rapid home construction

31. Mai 2012 - 16:08 Uhr

The technology of rapid prototyping and 3D-printing already revolutionized the way of design model making and also opened up a cost-efficient way to manufacture products with small lot-sizes. Some years ago Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California in San Diego experimented with a new process he had invented called Contour Crafting to construct the world’s first 3D printed wall. This idea could totally change the building and construction industry in the future by „printing“ houses from composite concrete. Please watch the video to see how this innovative construction process looks like:

[youtube -yv-IWdSdns]

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Moses Bridge

18. April 2012 - 15:41 Uhr

Still a bridge – or the other way round :-) Perfect idea for a moat!




Netherlands-based architecture firm RO&AD, Finalist Durch Design Awards 2011.

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adidas Design Center

24. November 2011 - 22:24 Uhr

Im adidas Design Center in Herzogenaurach, erscheint auch das Orientierungssysem dynamisch.
Denn: das Wesen des Sports ist Bewegung, und sie bestimmt auch die grafische Sprache, bewegte Typografie durchzieht das neue Design Center. Sie zeigt sich selbst in der Schrift des Orientierungssystems: leicht und schnell schwingt sie sich über Wände und Geländer, vibrierend verändert sie ihre Form.
Die raumgreifenden Schriftzüge scheinen wie in der Bewegung erstarrt. Die sich wiederholenen, rhythmisch versetzten Konturlinien der Firmenschift „adihaus“, erinnern an typografische Tempodarstellungen in Comics. Das Konzept wurde mit verschiedenen Materialien und Dimensionen konsequent, zugelich informativ und dekorativ, umgesetzt.
Weiter Informationen unter





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Moshe Safdie

30. September 2011 - 11:48 Uhr

Stunning architectural work ‚condominium at bishan central‘ by Moshe Safdie.


moshe safdie: condominium at bishan central from designboom on Vimeo.



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Fernando Romero (Architect)

22. August 2011 - 15:59 Uhr

Fernando Romero Interview (designboom)

fernando romero was born mexico city, 1971. he studied architecture at the universidad iberoamericana (mexico city), graduating in 1995.

romero worked with rem koolhaas at OMA in rotterdam from 1997-2000, notably as head project leader on the winning proposal for the concert casa da musica, porto, portugal (1999).

upon returning to mexico he started the LAR (laboratory of architecture) in 2000, which was renamed FREE (Fernando Romero EnterprisE) in 2011.


the work of FREE has been recognized by numerous organizations and award schemes world-wide some of which include: the bauhaus award for ‚villa s‘ (2005) the sara prize (society of american registered architects) for ‚ixtapa house‘ (2005) the red dot award: ‚best of the best‘ for ‚bridging teahouse‘ (2006) young architects award granted by the mexican society of architects (2009)


fernando romero has been an invited professor at columbia  university, new york, is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), and is also a member of the Mexican Chamber of  Architects (CAMSAM). he has published several books that reflect  his vision of architecture: ‚translation‘ and ‚hyperborder‘ and ’simplexity‘.


FREE projects are currently spread between its offices in mexico city and new york, where romero aims to foster collaborations and partnerships among individuals and organizations, and materialize ideas into projects that will enhance people’s living conditions and environment.


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